decentralized bdc

Mark Rask

I currently have a centralized bdc for two rooftops. We are about to move one of teams to an onsite location. Any advice on what i should expect?

Derrick Woolfson

So each store will have a BDC? I think it is very effective to have an onsite BDC for each store - if you can afford it! It will help with internal communications between your departments. As well as build a solid team between sales & BDC. 

Mark  Handlon

Spot on Derrick! One dealership that comes to mind had a centralized BDC for four different franchises and made it very difficult to track numbers and accountability.

Chris K Leslie

Watch out for Sales people trying to make deals with BDC agents.. =) 

Derrick Woolfson

I completely agree, Chris! I believe, though, that when that sort of thing happens it could be a direct relation to their pay plans. I know regardless sales reps might still try and make side deals. But if the BDC rep was paid well (within reason for what they're doing) the temptation to negotiate side deals would lessen greatly. 

Timothy Martell

Seems like a way to avoid ensuring excellent ongoing training. BDC is all about process. If the process and training are correct, the BDC should be able to operate on the moon and still create a seamless transition to the sales team. Fine for a 2 store group, but you lose the efficiency of scale.

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