declined ops

Mark Rask

This is for those of you with a service bdc......are any of you doing anything with customers that decline maintenance?

Yes. There is a follow-up phone call to thank the customer for servicing with the dealership. We also ask how how their experience was and if they were satisfied with the service completed on their vehicle. Then we dive into the recommended maintenance by explaining the importance of getting it completed and offering to get them scheduled. In the event that we can't get a hold of them on the phone, we send them an email with a 10% off coupon (upon approval from the service manager).

Mark Rask

thanks sunny....we already do the follow up call we just need to add the declined ops piece to it

Heather  Lampros

Mark depending on what DMS and CRM you are using your service advisors could put their decline op-codes in the DMS and it will push to your CRM and then have your reps call. We also offer the 10% off when doing these calls. 

Edward Cushing

Great topic!

We have dealers targeting service customers with trade up promotions, oil change specials, tire specials, wiper blade specials, declined ops specials etc on FB.

Also those sending direct mail are able to layer that list into FB and create a campaign on FB that compliments the direct mail effort.

With the data available and the ability to target/micro target based on geography, recent/past transactions, vehicle age, income, credit, customers profession (teachers, first responders, military active/veterans/reserves, healthcare providers etc) it is todays digital direct mail that empowers dealers to target customers with a higher relevancy with a lower cost of acquisition. 

In addition to dealers looking for reactive solutions we have dealers utilizing a great proactive solution, it is a video tool that improves CSI and elevates RO approvals. Service advisor shoots a quick video while the vehicle is on the lift showing how worn the brakes or tires are or how bad the oil leak is etc. very personable, higher form of communicating necessary repairs and super at differentiating a dealer, sends it via email or sms.

Hope this group share pearls helps.




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