Deleting Leads

Derrick Woolfson

This is one thing many CRM's struggle with - that is the ability to delete BAD leads. This is not deleting leads for the sake of it, but rather leads with invalid names, phone numbers, and or emails. There is no good reason to leave these leads in the system. It makes keeping the CRM clean that much harder! Does your CRM allow you to delete leads? 

Victoria Dillabough

we just mark lost and move on 

Mariah Chapek

We employ the use of VinSolutions and it does, indeed, let you delete customers/leads. I tend to forego that option, rather electing to mark them "Bad". 

Martins Ville

Would you rather let trash build up around your house, or take it to the curb once a week? Unless they are placed in a long term marketing list, I'd delete them & don't know a CRM that would not delete them. 

Derrick Woolfson

@Victoria, do you count them against your set, show, & closing rate?

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