Digital Dealer

Jessica Thompson
Who is attending Digital Dealer in Tampa this year and what sessions are you going to take?
Amy Hughes
Jessica, we hope you'll mark your calendar for Ken Kolodziej at 11 on Wednesday. Session Title: Own Your Backyard – Shore Up Your PMA Strategy Before Conquesting Session Description: In this session Ken Kolodziej, will share case studies of dealers who grew sales, market share and demand for their make just by concentrating all of their marketing firepower in a few key ZIP codes.
Neale Martin
Hey Jessica,Our Director of Client Services (Brent Wees) is doing a presentation at 3:30 on Wednesday the 22nd. It's called: Mobile Optimization - You Have Your Responsively Designed Website Now What?Hopefully we'll see you there!
Lezlie Brannan
I'm trying to schedule a nice mix of sessions: CRM/anaytics, marketing, and reputation/loyalty. This is my first DD conference - any suggestions?
Lindsay Kwaselow
Hi Jessica and Lezlie, PureCars is sponsoring and speaking at the event. On Wednesday the 22nd @ 11 AM, Don Mullen will present "Dominate Digital: How to Create an Engaging Digital Showroom Experience." This will be a digital marketing session on how to drive highly qualified traffic to your site, optimize VDP traffic once on your site, and convert that traffic in the showroom. I've actually seen this presentation firsthand and there is a TON of actionable information in there that will help your dealership dominate digital in the year ahead and create a memorable experience for your online shoppers. Don will also go over how to leverage technology to take stances that determine the ideal vehicles to market, in the ideal zip codes, to the consumers most likely to purchase. We hope to see you both there! We're booth #615 and if you haven't registered yet you can save another $100 and register as a PureCars guest with our discount code DD18PURE
mark rask
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