Digital media associate

mark rask
I am looking for ideas on a pay/bonus plan for an in house social media person.
Megan Barto
How many/which Social Media platforms are you going to have this person handle? (We all know there's 10,000 different ones)... are you going to have them create content? Are you going to hold them accountable for performance? Will they be supervising anyone?
mark rask
Megan....mainly facebook and twitter. She will dabble on others. Yes she will be creating content. Also they will be responsible for the performance. Not supervising anyone. Any input that you can give will be appreciated
Shannon Hammons
I would say $12 an hour with some kind've of bonus plan?
mark rask
Thanks Shannon.....That is exactly what I was thinking. What would you guys suggest I use as a bonus plan?
Shannon Hammons
That is the tough question Mark. Maybe have a scale based on interactions, new followers, and things of that nature. I'm not real sure about an amount though.

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