digital retailing

Mark Rask

How many TRUE digital retailing deals has your dealership done this month?

Morgan Hardy

We have not done any yet. We are doing most of the initial paperwork via phone/internet when possible. 

Martins Ville

Do any of you remember a.m. transistor radios? All you needed was a battery and as long as you could find a station they worked and it didn't matter which one you bought. Even the cheapest versions work just as good as the most expensive versions.

It's in my opinion Mark Rask, in pursuit of profit over building a bulletproof process that anyone can use...

Digital retailing is still a long ways away. Companies want to soak the dealerships with very high costs for the service, sales managers don't want to give away profit. It's going to take a long time before this gets going guys....

Bart Wilson

I could make the case that we've been doing some form of digital retailing for years.  The new tools just make it more efficient.

Joe Tareen

First we need to define what Digital Retailing means. Does it mean the entire transaction from start to finish? Or partial? It's a great sound bite for us and the industry,but I am afraid the reality is something else. Ultimately it will all come down to execution on the delivery side, which still boils down to quality of process and people on the ground.

Right now I am just not seeing a whole lot of shift in this direction despite of the fanfare. Pricing and finance is the key to this upfront and real-time integrated communication tools coupled with type of a CRM which combines issue tracking, process management and customer care features under one platform. There is no doubt it is a paradigm shift in thinking.

Chris K Leslie

The digital retailing people want you to think people are bored, sitting at home, wanting to buy cars. The data shows, that is not true. The tools have been available for years. 

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