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Sara Gallagher

We have Autosoft DMS and Vinsolutions CRM/Desking. What providers do you use for DMS and CRM? Does all of the customer information push over from your CRM to your DMS?

Mark Rask

we use dealer socket and automate .....most of it pushes over 

Derrick Woolfson

We use Procede as our DMS, and Dominion Vision as the CRM. Regarding the information, we pushover (which is in real time!!!) are the following items: sales data, service data, & parts purchases. Some of the issues we have faced, though, are if the sales consultant does not yet have their sales license, the deal is a "house deal," which means that the sale does not count in their name. And while you can override the data in the CRM, it updates once more nightly and reverts it back. But the CRM never pushes any data; only the DMS pushes to the CRM. As for where the data from the DMS goes, it is in the reporting, and also in the customer profile. However, as you know - if you have duplicate leads (let's say for this example husband & wife purchase); whomever the paperwork was signed under is where the sales data go. So we always audit the DMS sold log in the CRM to ensure it gets merged, etc. Having that information in the CRM is very helpful as it gives you the customers history all within their profile. 

Mark Rask

great process derrick


Good afternoon.  We use Advent DMS for sales (Archaic but secure), CDK service DMS and DealerSocket CRM.  Sounds a bit complicated but we found that each DMS has functions that may not work as well across both departments.  Our setup is a little backwards.  The DMS (both) feeds to our CRM and there is minimal information that can be shared from our CRM to the DMS.  Our DMS pushes most information including transaction details that would be beneficial for both short- and long-term follow-up (data mining, service reminders, birthdays, vehicle anniversaries).  Like Derrick's issue, there are several data points that our CRM attempts to match in order to automatically update a record status.  There is a lot of attention dedicated to training and checking that our team members enter accurate customer info in our CRM to limit the creation of duplicate records. 

Martins Ville

I hope ORACLE is listening. There's so many improvements needed. I almost think DMS and CRM companies get-off driving us crazy over this never-yet-fixed topic.

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