Does ACTIVE status in CRM matter?

Dealer Guy

Hello - I am a disgruntled CDK CRM user. Our dealership spends over $100K with CDK and they are telling me I cannot add ACTIVE status along side FRESH UPS, SOLD & LOST SALE.

How can I implement DSU best practices if I can't have ACTIVE status? All leads have to stay in FRESH UPS! It's frustrating.

How bizarre it is Nissan is paying DSU big bucks for it's digital training which is almost exclusive to us digital people, yet, unbeleivably, CDK does not offer, nor does it want to, offer an ACTIVE status listing inside it's CRM.

What to do? Can I sue CDK and hold them accountable to the lost sales? Can I hire a hacker and create it for me?

Michael Bilson

Have you looked at or considered Conversica?

Chris K Leslie

Good question, I've never used the CDK CRM. Wish I could help.. 

Matt Lamberth

You can sue anyone, at anytime, for anything.  Sign him up!

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