Does LOTLINX Work?Any Thoughts?how's the outcome?

Jamil The Carman
We are a used car dealer in a very competitive area in Southern California .We have just took over the store couple of months ago and we are trying to get into the market among few monsters around here.I have read about LOTLINX and I have contacted them to see how can they help to get me more leads to come to my website and I wanted to see if someone have used their services and what do you think? Thank you Jamil
Jason Stum
Hi Jamil, Lotlinx is a fine tool for generating more VDP views, however in my experience the referral traffic typically didn't convert in to a lead. So if you're primarily concerned with leads as you mentioned in your post, then Lotlinx would probably let you down. However if you're a believer that More VDP Views = More Sales then there might be something there for you. I'm sure others will chime in with their opinion as well. There are quite a few forum threads here on DS where Lotlinx is discussed in depth. Check 'em out below:
gregg hayim
Gave Lotlinx a shot last year and like it a lot. The problem I had with justifying the expense was that of course and autotrader werent supported. We are a Maserati dealer and it just didnt seem to move the needle to the point where I could live with the expense- more a testament to the unique needs of my brand than the product itself. As for the product, I thought it was terrific and may consider putting our Porsche store on- they have had some good success with that brand.
mark rask
We use lotlinx and i am happy with does get more vdp's for us.
Jamil The Carman
Al lot of stuff you can do to get VDP views @Mark :) but do they convert ? Thank you @gregg I signed up with them it has been 2 days now and I have got 50 sessions with a very high bounce rate 83%!!
Jason Stum
Hey @Jamil, a high bounce rate is to be expected with LotLinx referrals. Remember, the consumer is in browsing/shopping mode on a 3rd party inventory site. So as they scroll through the SRP and click on a vehicle that takes them to your website via LL. After getting the desired info off your VDP the natural behavior is for the consumer to go back to the SRP and continue searching - thus counting as a bounce. Hope that helps!

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