Dominon Vision CRM

Derrick Woolfson

Has anyone else moved over to Dominion Vision CRM? The CRM is a vision, but no vision comes without its own unique challenges. And while no one CRM is "perfect" there are fundamental issues that CRM's - no matter the size or scale - have to change. Yet it seems nothing but an uphill battle to get a CRM provider to make changes - even if it means offering payment for their services. How have you handled change requests with your CRM? 

Does anyone else use Dominion Vision and have feedback or things you have learned? 

Bart Wilson

What are some of the reasons you migrated to Vision?  What does it do differently?

Martins Ville

Derrick that is because no CRM company really cares about what happens at the dealership level. who better to know what a CRM would need except the dealer the sales manager and the internet manager and or BDC manager correct? well I've been working 20 years in digital and have worked with a lot of CRM companies and none of them have ever called me and asked me what I needed in my CRM. We're probably going to develop our own CRM from the inside out. And add the ability to license that product to various CRM companies to rebrand and they'll pay us for other dealers to use it and we'll get rich. Because dealers will have finally found a vendor who actually listens to them.

Derrick Woolfson

@Bart, one of the biggest reasons we moved to the new platform was because it offered the much-needed flexibility in designing dashboards that made sense. Too many CRM's have pre-defined reporting that is one size fits all, and as CRM's have evolved, so has their purpose. So it has been difficult in finding a CRM that adequately offers the items needed: solid mail platform (ability to easily add videos/photos), desking tool, BDC tool, texting, and email marketing to name a few. And from I have seen, some of the older "legacy" CRM's have simply layered in new products from other vendors on their already antiquated platforms, which offers a less than satisfactory experience. 

Derrick Woolfson

@Martins, we created our own App to and have used it for several marketing projects, and conquesting efforts. If only there was enough time in the day to make it a reality. 

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