Driving Loyalty Program

Tommy Bay
Philishia - which program are you talking about? I'm not aware of a single, definitive 'Driving Loyalty' Program. Could you elaborate?
Philishia Crum
It's the Driving Loyalty Upgrade Program - based out of Cedar Falls, IA. http://www.drivingloyalty.com/
Philishia Crum
And thanks for responding!
Robert Karbaum
I've seen lengthy presentations for both Driving Loyalty and AutoAlert! at NADA and I was leaning towards AutoAlert! However, I haven't had the opportunity to use either system first hand. Driving Loyalty (for me) is too automatic. Any system that is designed to run autonomously in the background never gets the proper attention and therefore it's full potential is wasted. However that is only true if you have the manpower to run it. Something autonomous may be perfect for a small store. Either way, both programs can be extremely useful. Has anyone here on DS had first hand experience with either system?
Philishia Crum
Thanks for the response Robert! We have used both. And both have Pros and Cons. The Automation in DL has created a lot more traffic without having to have the staff to prospect. With that said, we struggle getting the Service Drive portion to work. Would love to hear from anyone that is having great success working the service drive using either tool.
Robert Karbaum
Philishia, Thanks for responding. Do you have any numbers in terms of closing ratio? I'd be super interested to dig into some data.

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