E-leads vs employees

cathy low
Our BDC is staffed with 2 job functions, 7 start to finish Internet Sales consultants and 4 appointment setters. To be effective and maintain good follow up, how many leads per month should each type work?
Ron Henson
Hi Cathy, So by "Start to Finish" sales consultants, you mean they handle the customer once they arrive at the dealership since you have appt setters working the leads and phones until arrival at the dealership?
cathy low
Hi Ron, start to finishers for us means from webleads/phone up to driving off the lot in their new vehicle. We are a 1priced store with no closers or finance mgrs. Chris, we generally have 1100+ leads/phone ups a month. With the start to finishers not always available for phone calls, emails, texts or chat sessions, my BDC 4 work 150-200 a month. This become overwhelming when it comes to follow up. From all that I have read they should work about 100-125 per month. What's your thought? We generally hit 15% lead to sold with 63% show to sold. I want to hit 20% lead to sold with 75% show to sold.
cathy low
Chris, thanks for the thoughts. 1 price, 1 person, 1 hour from when you decide on a car ... That's the plan. 100% success, not yet. We've been working on this since January. Training a sales staff of 30, plus the 7 Internet start to finishers has been a task. We have developed an iPad process that gives the customer full control and complete transparency. Making the decision to do this was frightening to say the least and took over a year to develop. I am extremely proud of my entire BDC staff and recognize 15% is truly a solid number, but the goal is 20%. As I mentioned, " effective " follow up is the issue we struggle with. Hiring more people is my thought, however, is not matched by the owner or Director of Sales. Thus, my question, what are the industry standards? All thoughts are appreciated. I guess I am looking for ammunition to fight this battle.

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