Email Correspondence Open Rate

Derrick Woolfson

I have seen reports for the open rate on email campaigns (averages), but does anyone have reports or studies as to what the open rates should be for everyday emails? 

Matt Lamberth

I do not have an answer for your question but I am also curious about email engagement. For myself, one metric that is very important is whether or not the customer is engaging with the email. I see a lot of emails that are "opened" through our crm. However, I find that click-through is often a more telling metric to gauge customer interaction/engagement.  To that end I often design my emails to require and inspire some active engagement beyond just "opening" the email I'm order to view more detail. 

As a side note, my own testing has illustrated it is possible for our crm to record  an email as having been "opened" without the recipient actually viewing the email. I tested  this by sending myself  emails through our crm at various domains and then reviewing  the crm to see if it recorded me as having opened the email. I received numerous false positives 

I am anxious to see wether anyone can provide services benchmarks for measuring this activity.

Tori Zinger

Derrick, when you say "everyday" emails, are you talking about just corresponding back and forth with a lead?

Derrick Woolfson

@Tori that's correct - and initial responses as well as we do get a lot of email only leads. I was able to get our CRM to give us a report on stats, and as of yesterday, we were an average of 60%+ in open rate w/ less than 1% opt-out (987 emails opened). I did some research, and I have seen an average of 30.6% open rate, however, they did not give a data size which makes all the difference when understanding trends in open rates. 

Matt Lamberth

Your post inspired some research but benchmark results seem somewhat dependent on nature of the campaign.  I'd be happy to compare notes though.

What are some of the details of your campaign (e.g. sales or service campaign; conquest or loyalty; campaign size in # of unique emails sent)? I can check and see if we have ran a similar campaign and what our results were.

Tori Zinger

Matt, do you have any tips you're willing to share as far as what you do to "inspire and require" click-throughs! Would love suggestions and ideas!

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