Email leads with no phone number...especially price driven sources like True Car

I have my team using all the right word tracks on the phone...BUT, when we run into the leads that just have an email address, I feel like we are not as effective as we could be. When you have someone live on the phone obviously you can use effective word tracks and scripting but when it's just email do any of you have any suggestions for how to avoid the race to the bottom and build value in setting and keeping an appointment as opposed to just throwing out a bottom dollar? Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
Lauren Moses
Colin, One thing that I love to do is have all the new vehicle brochures downloaded. IF it's a new car lead I am always sure to attach the brochure to the email so they can see any and all information just like if they were standing in the showroom looking at the book. Also, make sure that every rep has links to social, review sites, etc. on their email signature. That way customers can click and see what people are saying about you. It may seem small but it does help. Are your reps using templates?
Michael Bilson
@ Colin and Lauren. Great Idea's. Downside is that about 60% of that content winds up in the spam or promotions filter and never reaches the consumer. The Links and Attachments add to the problem. The static IP address you use to send information to all your customers may include the ability to Opt out. This increases your blacklist rating. At the end of the receive a new lead and they ask for a quote/pic/ or car-fax. You send the information and the customer claims they never received it. This is why many dealers are using Conversica within the BDC. It will use rotating white listed IP addresses and also handle the leads with no phone numbers.
Lauren Moses
MIchael, That is where a follow comes in handy. I always send another email later on in the day or the next morning to make sure that they received the first one. I make mention that if they didn't received it to check their spam folder. As of yet, I have not had anyone say that they haven't received my emails.
Lisa Gillen
For years I've seen most people treat leads with no phone numbers (and bad phone numbers) as inferior leads that are less likely to result in a sale when the reality is that the customer is providing the best way to communicate by providing just a valid email address. In the case of a bad phone number it is most likely a website that required a phone number. I've always taken the stance that we need to communicate through email with the same message we would use if we have a valid phone number. Provide pricing and availability when there's enough information from the customer to narrow down the exact vehicle they want. When the lead is on a generic vehicle or does not contain enough details I quote the starting price, benefits of working with my dealership and ask a few follow up questions to see if I can narrow down their vehicle choice.
Kimberly Cooley
I agree with Lisa. I don't treat either any differently, and what I'm finding is that a lot of people prefer to communication via email, and that's perfectly okay with me as it can be more convenient than long phone calls.

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