Email Open Rates

Ron Henson

Do any of your CRM's have the capability to track when an email is opened? Or, are you using any software applications to accomplish this?

Dealer Guy

I use CDK CRM (not my choice) and no sir, it lacks that vital ability to track emails.  We are considering moving all our real digital marketing, email follow up to a much better vendor. I beleive I can use EmailMonks and pay less than $50 per month. I imagine CDK would charge $2,500 for the same tool - if they had it.

Dealer Guy

We're locked into a contract with CDK, but that will be our last contract with CDK. We will be FREE once they are gone.

Chris K Leslie

We use DealerSocket. We are able to track email's and their open rates. 

Both, Individual templates or templates that are parts of campaigns as well as mass list builder emails. 

For other non transaction emails stuffs I use mailchimp and they track everything. 

Ron Henson

That's what I'm talking about @Chris!

Ricky Patrick

Yes, Reynolds Contact Management does this for us.

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