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gregg hayim
just putting this one out there... Are you guys tracking your webleads that do not respond to your first response? Just for some context here....I have a hard time understanding why a potential client would submit a lead and then go MIA after the first response is sent. Of course there is the junk, but I feel my web leads are getting more and more no-replys, and im comfortable assuming (and admitting) that something is broken with the message/email that we're sending to the client. If a client has interest, and doesnt respond- there is something being conveyed- or not- that is causing the non-response. I just wanted to throw this one out to get some feedback- I am confirming with an auto response receipt and a live bodied- but template drive- email is used consistently to respond under 30 mins. We try to answer specifics and schedule appointments, fundamentals arent broken- perhaps a smaller message would generate better engagement? Maybe the psuedo template is turning off clients? Any feedback or suggestions are appreciated!
Carl Maeda
You might want to create a few email accounts on gmail, yahoo, etc. Try sending mock-responses there to see where your email goes - or if it doesn't make it there. When you make a follow up call, you can also ask if they received your email.
Michael Roemer
@Chris totally agree with you about the drip here. Drip email campaigns can really drive up response rates!
Chris K Leslie
Gregg, it's a great question. The reality is that the lead business is totally broken. Many website providers, 3rd parties, vendors etc will only provide details of information lets say a trade in value for example. Only after someone submits all types of information. That information is passed to us like the person is interested in buying a car when in fact. Nope, they were not even thinking about that. Its getting worse every day. In short what I am trying to say is.. Heavily consider the lead source.
mark rask
Chris i like the drip concept. Also working on the video response
Jason Stum
If you're not getting a response from web leads generated from your own website, that's a red flag to me. I'm not a fan of auto-responders during business hours. Ultimately it's not how quickly you respond to the lead, but the quality of response to the lead. This is of even more importance since you're dealing with highline vehicles at your dealership. If you're willing to share an example of what you send out to each new lead, I'm sure the group here could provide you with some constructive feedback.

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