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Angela  Reyes

If anyone has any email templates that are getting hig responses can you please sen d them to me .

Angela  Reyes

I apologize for the typos it would not allow me to see what was being typed. Looking for some help and ideas for better responses. I am currently not getting a high percentage of responses, I need to change it up. Thank you

Christine McGlinsey

Do you have an email I can send a couple to?

Brad Paschal

we use Covideo and do video email respones

Derrick Woolfson

Angela, I would be happy to share some tips/ideas - that said, there are so many templates for "response rates." Are you looking for first response templates, short-term, long-term, and review templates? 

We use a mixture of the templates listed above using our analytics to place URL's that have a high engagement rate. 

You can direct message me your email, and I would love to connect! 

Mark Rask

We are in the process of revamping ours...i could use some new ideas as well

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