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Hi Driving Sales peers,

I have a quick question. Does anyone know a workaround for emails being filtered into gmails "Promotions" tab? Are there specific CRMS that end up here or any work around on this? The CRM I'm using now is Vin but I'm guessing that this may be across the board with others as well. Any input is appreciated! 

Michael Bilson

Hey Colin...working at Conversica I have the opportunity to work with dealerships that use 35 various CRM tools.  The issue is emails are sent out of the same static IP address.  Many dealers send email blasts, event notices and other emails containing hyperlinks to their inventory or perhaps attached a car-fax or photo. The end result is that about 40-50% of your emails never hit the inbox anymore.  This is why many dealerships have hired Conversica as a BDC agent in their BDC or Internet Department.  The live rep attempts to reach the customer first..and if no contact is made Conversica will email the customer to schedule an appointment for a phone call.  When the customer replies..that response is routed back to the live BDC rep who now knows the best time and number to call.  Conversica will also follow up with those advanced email servers a few days later to inquire whether the customer received the content requested.  On average 25-30% say they did not get the price, pics, car-fax or information requested.

Conversica is the only system that will schedule the appointments for sales, provide the oversight and follow up that management desires, and report the true ROI on your lead vendors while using advanced email servers.

Chris K Leslie

Colin, here a couple things to try that don't require you spending any money. 

1. Are all the emails being sent out using the same "reply-to" email address? if so, try having them go out from an individual. Reason being is that if the same "reply-to" email is being used for Promo emails and transactional emails (like emails from the bdc reps) it will most likely fall into that filter. 

2. Use a persons real name vs Store Name 

3. Change up your email subject lines and remove promotional type text. Also, keep promo text and links out of the first few lines of copy. 

mark rask

I think you need different ip addresses


Chris and Mark, thanks for the advce!

Steve Roessler

Agree with @Chris.    Couple other thoughts.    Do they have profile pics in their emails? I would not recommend as that has opportunity to go to SPAM or Promotional.  If they are sending inventory pics to the customer, those will also go into those folders.  Sales people should always leave a message, email or text to the customer saying, "Did you get the pics I sent?".      Inform the customer what they will experience in working with you.   

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