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Brianna Grimm

I am a BDC Rep at my dealership and we recently just added an equity department and I was chosen to do bdc along with being the equity coordinator(I am the only one in equity, there is 3 BDC reps in total).  This is brand new to my dealership and advice seems to be all over the place.  Does anyone know any good ways that draw people with equity in or have any advice on how to balance the workload schedule wise between the two departments(Just doing one is not an option ).  

"Service to Sales" is always a great place to start for equity programs. Also, you should set up a CRM campaign for your target customers--in this case, people who have vehicles with equity--to help you manage communication and follow-up activities.

What is the dealership doing to promote this new department?

Brianna Grimm

The dealership is a little lost at this time and trying to use what the manufacturer has given them and then me to just dive right in and figure it out. We have been working on the sales to service however it is difficult for me to go an talk to service customers as they would like me too as I am also a bdc coordinator at the same time.  Right now each customer in equity is receiving a monthly market driver with a quote from the manufacturer and then I have been following up with them. We do have the CRM set up so it coincides with the equity customers however with 11,000 customers getting market drivers each month I am not quite sure how to organize my time best to reach the customers that will most likely buy.  

mark rask

definitely start with the people coming in to service 

Ian Barkley


Ian Barkley

looks good

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