Ever Outsourced Training?

Alexis Bassler
While trying to maintain a steady workforce, there are still people who come and go in both the Sales and BDC departments. I personally believe training is one of the most essential keys to success in this industry... but I'd like some input/recommendations. Do you assign a sales manager to train newcomers and give refreshers to your current staff? Do you pay for a 3rd party team to come in for a training bootcamp? Or do you just go with the flow and make corrections when you see fit?
Daniel Wilkins
Training has gone to the wayside in my eyes. It is absolutely the most important aspect of our job and what can separate us from other dealerships. I know when I started there was a lot of talk about managers training me but very little actual training. We have gotten better over time and now spend every morning meeting doing role plays or product testing.
Dennis Wagner
Most of today's sales mangers are not qualified to train your employees. They usually have a hard enough time just doing an average job at being a sales manager. 3rd party training is far more effective. A 3rd party trainer specializes in training and motivating exclusively.
Shaun Weissman
We use UDC (Universal Dealer Consultants) to do all of our new BDC training. I truly believe they are the best in the market when it comes to getting a staff up to speed and handling leads properly
Alexis Bassler
I definitely agree that training (for some reason) is no longer in the top 3 objectives for salespeople/BDC at dealers. I started out in floor sales and had intensive 2 week training before hitting the sales floor, and weekly training for the entire floor ... that specific dealer prepared me better than any other. For BDC, I worked for Sonic Automotive who also had a 4 person team come and fully train for 2 weeks before allowing you to start handling leads (and I had worked in a BDC before). Shaun, thanks for the 3rd party suggestion. As far as a good 3rd party .. how long do they usually stay to train, and what is a reasonable expectation of payment for the training services?
Dennis Wagner
For 3rd party training for BDC reps it's usually from 3-5 business days of solid intensive training. As far as cost it usually ranges from $1,000 per day - $2,000 per day will get you a good trainer.

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