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Tori Zinger

It's a given fact that customers spend 16-20 hours researching before purchasing.  AND it's a given fact that at any point during that up to 20 hours, they could submit a lead to a dealership to inquire on a car.  It's our responsibility, since we don't know where they are at in the research phase to provide them with research to speed along the decision making process, along with encouraging them to choose US and not the guy down the street.  

Enter stage left: Evidence Links.

Evidence links should be links to more information that tout the vehicle in question, your dealership, and what sets you apart.  By giving the consumer this information, we help them make some decisions and who knows? Maybe they already have read something you are linking to - that's a PLUS because it shows you are aware of the goings on in the industry and starts to develop trust.  OR you could be giving them a new piece of information they hadn't considered, also building trust.

It's critical that we arm the consumer with information to assist them in their buying process because we don't all possess psychic abilities to know exactly where they are in the decision making process.

What types of evidence links have you had the most success with?

Mark Rask

this is a great option.....implementation not always so good


Derrick Woolfson

I 100% agree. We have been using DS best practice (pertaining to links in emails), and our CRM - to this day - remains one of our top referring traffic sources to our website! And as we know, if the customer converts multiple times (coupons, VDP's, etc) the further down the funnel they become! As we say "harness the energy" make them feel good about doing the research.  That said,  we send information videos, side-by-side comps (putting our OEM first), and will send a walk-around video (on most not all: that is still something we struggle with). Link it up!! (and track it!) 

Derrick Woolfson

@p.s. this is part of the thought process behind the thread on email open rates and click rates on everyday correspondence! The *better* the information is within the email the better chances you have of the customer taking that next step! 

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