Facebook Advertising

Kinsey  Clark

Do you think Facebook is a good source for advertising? 

Kurt Lytle

Yes,  Our group will be investing in campaigns using custom and look-alike lists.  I think you must be where the "eyes" are with a relevant message.

Chris K Leslie

Facebook should be just as ubiquitous as cars and Autotrader for automotive advertising. Most often it fails because dealers do not educate themselves enough to know how to really use the tools. 

Kinsey  Clark

What do you think is the most effective way to use Facebook for advertising?

John  Swanson

I think in order to utilize Facebook advertising effectively you must have a strong grasp on the business manager platform. Within it you can run various campaigns, each one dedicated to achieving a specific goal from website clicks, page likes, local awareness, to retargeting very specific website page visitors (for example, we retarget Camry page visitors with ads highlighting price drops, new inventory, monthly incentives, etc.). The audience builder tools are extremely valuable if you know how to utilize them. We have multiple audiences, some target audiences likely to lease within the next 30-90 days, some target customers likely to purchase a vehicle from a specific competing brand all the way down to an exact model if done correctly. Ad dollars can be spent extremely efficiently if the correct audience is targeted and defined and you aren't shotgunning a message hoping to hit a few relevant eyes.

Arthur Bratton

When looking at the Facebook campaign analytics what metric do you use to determine if it is working? What do you use as a benchmark for performance?

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