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Chester  Donny

Hello guys..I have a problem , I've talked to a lot of people in the last 6-7 months and nobody knew. I m dealership and i want posted my catalog vehicles in marketplace from my business page , i dont want ADS , Dynamic or SHOP , i want just posted simple, the problem is that in catalog manager i dont find button ,, SALES" and i not have channels SALES(Marketplace)

Aimee Rogers

You are thinking of FB marketplace and the catalog as the one and the same, but they are not.  The catalog in FB is designed to be used for ads.  Marketplace is separate from that.  Many companies will post them to marketplace as apart of the package you have with them.  Homenet, vAuto, Cars.com, Digital AirStrike, etc all will post to marketplace, or you can manually add them as well.  Marketplace will only post used vehicles, then must have a price, photos, and a description to be posted to marketplace.  

Janie Murphy

At AllCall we are a pre-built BDC, and we handle internet leads all over the country.  In the day to day we see a LOT of Facebook ads, my point is when using Facebook make certain you already have a process in place to contact and handle those leads.  They do require their own set of steps. Good vibes and excellent opportunities out to all of you

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