FaceBook Messanger

Derrick Woolfson

How many of you are using the FaceBook Messanger? For those of you who are using it have you had any success with it?

John Goll

We do a lot of Buy Back Events and create separate Facebook pages for the events. As long as the BDC is prepared, messenger works great at getting appointments set.

Patrick Halleen

We get a lot of activity through facebook messenger. All of the messages are directed through Podium and any dealership personnel can claim and respond. We have a 3rd party responding to them after hours.  

Mallory Hughes

Messenger can be a great tool if used correctly. If not it can make customers frustrated and upset when they don't get replies as quickly as possible.

Chris Travis

I used it at my former dealership and we had a third party manage it also. I do it at the dealership I am at now. Lots of activity but I'd equate them showing up a slightly higher rate than an email only lead if they refuse to give more contact info which happens a lot with people under 30 who want to do things strictly online.

We have a high dealership in the area who will do almost everything online so my dealership has competition that will if we won't. 

Also keep in mind you may be going to their other message folder if you are reaching out to them first and they might not even see your messages depending how they are set up if you message them first from a comment they did.I usually comment and tell them I sent them a message if they don't read it right away.

Marketplace leads can be pretty good through Messenger. 

Patrick Halleen

For reference, I jumped into a facebook messenger chat at 7:30 last night curious after replying to this thread since I had never done so before. Set an appointment to see a used vehicle in 2 minutes. Customer showed up promptly at 4pm, and is taking delivery of their new car right now. 

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