Facebook/Instagram 3rd Party Recommendations

Jeff Collins

Currently FB/Instagram is handled in house for my group. But with the latest updates and releases for FB and in particularly Instagram I feel it's time to outsource.

Are you outsourcing your FB/Instagram advertising? If so, who, why and what have been your results? Thank you for your feedback in advance!

@Jeff: Why do you feel it's time to outsource? FB and Instagram give you the tools to do it in house. They make it easy for you to set your budget, track your dollars, target your audience, and expand your marketing reach with a few simple clicks and easy-to-follow instructions.

I'm really curious why you think a third party can do better. Honestly I think all social media should be done in house if you put the right person in charge of it.

James Hamilton

@jeff you can still keep it in house you just need a platform that allows you too take advantage of all the cool stuff Facebook and Instagram offer. checkout the only platform that is native to Facebook. www.gotohelios.com

We do everything in house where I am!

Chris K Leslie

Its never a good idea to outsource if you dont have to. Youd be better off putting someone in charge of instagram and have it auto send to Facebook. We do that at our stores and its helped us stay active on all of our channels. 

Ell Jay Lindsey

If it's becoming overwhelming then I think it's a good idea to look to outsourcing. Social Dealer & Dominion Prime Response are 2 of the better known companies that have offerings. If possible I'd suggest finding a company local to your market that knows your particular customer a bit better than the larger companies will. It comes down to good, relative content creation. The better the content created the more ROI you'll get out of your social ad campaigns. So whether you keep in-house our outsource it if the content your sponsoring & promoting is no good then you'll be spending $ for eyeballs that won't convert. 

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