Feedback on AutoAlert product

Barry Dubnyk
I am looking for feedback on AutoAlert Inc for data mining. We are a small store (300 new and 200 used) per year. Any thoughts good and bad? Thanks.. Barry Dubnyk
mark rask
We looked at this product but did not take them on. We liked the product but were not sure of what process we would put in place for it. W e are still on the fence.
Edward Shaffer
Equity mining tools like Auto Alert are absolutely a MUST for any dealer...regardless of size. Taking advantage of technology to maximize your existing client database is one of the highest closing percentage activities you can undertake on a given day. Think about are proactively alerted when a customer in the DMS is in a position to trade in their current vehicle for a newer one, frequently at a lower monthly payment. As far as putting a process around managing these opportunities there are several structures you can implement. We have worked with several Canadian dealers over the past 5 years and would be more than happy to consult with you in your selection of an Equity Mining tool. Best of Luck - Edward Shaffer Senior Consultant (469) 323-3199
Christopher Murray
We do it ourselves! Even with the worst DMS, which we have, you can put a simple plan in effect today! There is no need to spend more of your dollars if you do not want to. Start in your service drive. Get a copy of the pre-writes every morning. Load them in the DMS for name, number, deal number, etc... Based on your sales figures you most likely have 10 to 15 service appointments per day. Step one project the pay-off by viewing the original deal in DMS, this takes all of 60 seconds to do. Step two is a "blind" appraisal based on vin and projected miles which requires another 3 to 5 minutes. Step three, if there is equity approach the customer directly whenever possible and in a letter format if they have already left the dealership. We do this every single day and within a few months it has become one of our best sources for generating sales!
Edward Shaffer
Christopher makes an excellent point - it is entirely possible to manually dig into your current database for equity opportunities and the service drive is a great place to start. By limiting the number of attempts daily to the number of appointments you can "get your feet wet" with the process first. What we have found to be the main benefit of the various tools, like Auto Alert, is that they will constantly identify opportunities from all customers in your DMS in a fully automated and customizable process. The most surprising examples occur when the system identifies someone who is less than 24 months into their purchase or lease contract...not an opportunity most typical sales people will be able to spot or correctly identify. Either way you decide to go, start. Just start. Edward
Cory Cox
Yes, there are ways to get the alerts and make things happen. Some more cost effective than others (hint: I am aware of some, in addition to the approach Chris mentioned!). Key is to engage, experiment, implement, refine. Or as the old Six Sigma methodology states, Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control (e.g. monitor and evalute). Here's to a great close of March and Q1 2014, ladies and gents!

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