Follow The Process - S.C.D.

Harold Elam


Systematic Concept Duplication is a created science for target marketing, it consist of a series of strategic processes and procedures, that all have their individual identities and already established proven functions, yet operating in sync as one concept. SCD means having a corporate strategy for ensuring that your dealership realizes their full potential. It is an overall strategy that begins by placing all consumers at the center of everything your dealership does. SCD also involves employing practical techniques and strategies that will improve all of your business processes.

The end result is to make your existing dealership-

  • More profitable
  • Be a more enjoyable place to work
  • Have happy contented customers that come back again and again....with their friends!!


Bart Wilson

Interesting concept Harold.  How have you been able to train your staff on this concept? What have been the results?

Harold Elam

using a constant training process in which we duplicate our efforts into one another, using the human element - we make it a habit NOT TO RECREATE THE WHEEL , but instead take what already works from one person or a department and begin duplicating their efforts into others helping to make a better work environment and team effort with an eagerness to help one another

Mark Rask

this is interesting

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