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Nadina J.

I've been an internet manager at my dealership for 3+ years. I have revamped my best practices, etc. I am curious about how each manager handles follow up, accountability and motivating staff.

My staff can be less than motivated to call customers as I am in an extremely competitve market area. We do not have a BDC and I average ~500 leads/month from my website and 3rd parties (cars, autotrader, cargurus, truecar, etc). I average a closing ratio of 9-10% which is mediocre. I am trying to take it to the next level but am stalled by many obsticles.

I need an efficient way to review leads, follow up with sales staf and accountability while handling all facets of the internet and training new staff.


Ricky Patrick

I think all of your issues can be fixed by effectively using a good CRM. Set up some follow-up schedules that you can live with and then validate that your reps are completing their daily work plan and making appropriate notes. Most CRMs have a report you can print that facilitates validating their follow-up calls and you can see their emails to the customers.

Michael Bilson


Eduardo Aragon

Hi Nadina J., I think the solution to your problem is a change in the culture of your team. 

What do I mean by that? Simply stated, if following up is important to you (which it should be, of course!) your team needs to buy in to that importance or get off your squad. 

Here's a few team tools I have benefitted from, both physical and conceptual:

1.) Team Lead Review: having each teammate write out your top 20 leads each monday and review where they're at in the process with you for 20 minutes on monday and then again on friday morning.

2.) Nightly progress report: have each teammate write you an email before they go off shift with their 5 hottest prospects, appointments for the next day and 1 thing you need to do for them to ensure their success. 

3.) A really big whiteboard in the office. We had one with all our prospects, lead sources, closing ratios etc written up for us and updated daily by our Internet Director. It's a great tool to keep you focused. 

4.) Software/Apps ( by the way I don't sell any of these and have zero affiliation with them, but I do use them)  

Asana- project management tool

Slack- team communication tool

Group me-  Team communication tool

5.) Motivate, train and rehearse proper follow up with your team

6.) Let go of under-performers

Hey, hope this helps. Have a great day!

mark rask

What type of follow  up do you have in your crm?

Jason Upham

You need a BDC.  We have a BDC and each rep handles 90-100 leads a month each.  IN April our closing ratio was 15.2% - the highest we've ever had.  Over 30% of the leads that sold that month were BDC internet leads.  You need to specialize the digital welcome/appointment setting process - you are at that stage now.

If the powers that be do not want to put a BDC in place, the next best thing would be to develop an internet team - the highest closers on internet leads will be rewarded with distributing future leads to them only, not the other sales staff.  Re-evaluate in order to give others a chance to get on the internet team (maybe if those excluded sales persons get their overall closing rate up, they could start getting internet leads too).  Either way, this puts aces in their places.  Hope this helps you!  Good luck.

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