Follow Up Length

Chris K Leslie

I am starting to adopt a turn and burn mindset with leads. Seems like everyone I talk to are all reporting that the majority of sales from leads happen within the first 7 days, Next 8-14 but pretty much anything after 30 is not selling at all. 

Morgan Hardy

We have a 90 day follow up process but after 30 days it's mainly just auto emails that go out. 

Greg Wells


We are seeing 80% of customers who DO CONNECT do so in the first three days. Then 89% in the first twenty days.

We have a two stage follow up process. Stage One is an intense 5 day process and Stage Two is Day 5 through 75 with 7 phone attempts and automated emails.

Derrick Woolfson

@Morgan, we have roughly the same process. 

@Chris, we have never seen much results after 30+ days, especially when it comes to pre-owned leads. That said, we do catch a few sales here and there from our automated follow-up, which is always great! 

Morgan Hardy

@Chris - how many contacts are made to those leads in the first three days?

Mark Rask


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