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Jeff Bollinger

Reseach maniacs stopped pulling window stickers for Fords years ago, I'm lucky enough to find the odd dealersite that can pull factual info from Ford VIN's but they usually stop working after a few months; does anyone have a source for pulling Windowstickers/ info on Fords from VINs? (outside of asking former co-workers )

Carl Maeda

What are you trying to do?  

If you need vehicle information, you can parse the URL on the website, find the json file and all the data is in there.

I believe you'll need the VIN, model name and Ford dealer id.

Message me if you need help.  Thanks.

Mark Rask

We have not had to do this with hyundai 

Jeff Bollinger

@ Carl, thanks, I'll try it when the dust settles from month end.  The goal is to get the trim/options like displayed on a window sticker.

The F-150's are particularly tricky, with 3 groups in each trim, along with stand alone options i.e. 300A, 301A, 302A XLT along with rear axles gearings, etc.

Carl Maeda

@Jeff,  If you need help, let me know.  We did this for a Canadian Ford dealer so I can get specifics from our programmers if you need it.  

I agree, the F-150s (Expeditions too) are pretty tricky and many consumers that buy Ford trucks know the car inside and out.  They're usually pretty particular about the vehicle.  For our Ford clients, we usually build out special SRPs with additional filters to help those consumers narrow down to the truck they want more easily.

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