Four Square or Multi-Payment Price Quote

Ron Henson

What method of delivering numbers do you use at your dealrship and why?

David Zotti

The 4 square method seems to becoming something of the past. The multi-payment price quote is much more simplified and allows you to put down more enticing numbers. Simplicity and easy to read/understand seems to be direction everyone is going in these modern times.

Bob Parrish

I'm with David.  We use a multi-payment price quote with great results.  Ours guest choose what works for them and we avoid all the back and forth that car dealers are so famous for.  It's quicker, easier and the guest is in charge.  Nothing not to like.

George Alexander

The goal of the pencil is to show your customers HOW they can get to their payment, not that they are dumb or that their math is wrong, which is the mistake most salespeople tend to make. Ultimately, you want your customer to work WITH YOU, since you both in fact, share a common goal. I’ve worked for dealers that use both 4-squares and multi-payment quotes. Some say the old 4-square helps hold more gross, but I say the salesperson who thinks so may be just as outdated as the idea itself. You can actually accomplish the same, plus more, with the multi-payment quote. For example, if a person wants to achieve a $500 payment and only put down $2000, instead of giving them numbers written in sharpie that basically ignores their target, you can show them what $2000 down DOES achieve payment-wise, and at the same time, how much it DOES TAKE to achieve their target payment. The difference here, is with the multi-payment, #1, there is a feeling of validation in the math to the customer, #2, you’re not telling them what you CAN’T or WON’T do, but rather, what CAN be done, and lastly, the customer and the salesperson are now working together to achieve a similar goal. Transparency is what’s winning the volume game in today’s market. Truth is, the 4-square is typical car-guy stuff and it’s slowly making its way into the same toolbox as “losing” a customer’s trade keys (sometimes on the roof). If gross and poor CSI is what you’re going for, stick with the old ways of selling. If you want to earn customers for life and have them leaving saying, “That was easy!” shoot for transparency and common goals.

Mike Stoner

As the GSM at the largest volume store in Washington State I implemented a multi payment, cost up presentation that acheived customers for life, contributed to several successive President's Awards. It also increased our gross per car on the front and the back because the experience was unlike in any other store the customer may have visited. In the first 12 months of the process we saw an increase of the NET by just over $6,000,000.00. My newest client has had this process/presentation since October 1, 2016 and has seen a $1,700.00 per car increase. To think the choice is between volume and gross is false.

mark rask

we use a multi payment aproach that also contains lease payments on new cars 

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