Future of Automated Marketing and Communication

Shawn Ryder
As we know there is a lot of opportunities presented to a dealership on a daily basis - through various data touch points including calls, walk-ins, internet, social, referrals and others. With that being said, one way to ensure a consistent message is based on the preferred mode of communication of the customer. Another highlight is the ability to automate targeted engagement based on any data points collected. What to build email to retarget customers who showed interest in a blue truck? No problem, automated a decision based email with specs - should they open it, send a follow up with additional information. A great feature is on the service side of the business, build engagement based on miles, history, time since visit and not just marketing - send a text to notify customer that RO is completed (with automated yet personal message). The examples are almost limitless. My question to the group - how do you feel about the future of automation of communication and marketing?
Gemma-Leigh Garner
Hey Shawn, Great post! Using "Retargeting/Remarketing" combined with some creative page/post engagement ads with Facebook can be very powerful. Automation is key but you have to be careful not to lose that authentic personal touch that so many people desire.
Grant Gooley
Automation in my opinion needs to be well thought out and updated frequently. People assume this is a "set and forget" or an "easier" way to communicate. I think it's much more time consuming but very intuitive if properly executed. Hub Spot has an amazing platform for segmentation and automation. The goal is to provide valuable content using a great technology that engages an infinite amount of people.
Robert Karbaum
HubSpot is one of the two emails I actually enjoy getting on a regular basis. They have mastered the art of jab, jab, jab, jab, right hook ala Garry V. The other is BarkBox :P
Shawn Ryder
Thanks for the replies everybody, great to see the discussion. I agree that it needs to remain authentic, but part of the key is to ensure personal aspects are included in any messages sent out, using the data and available "merge" field options. Great to hear that Grant and Robert are familiar with HubSpot - so know features of the application. I am now working with dealers using automated communication - building engaging campaigns for sales, service and automating simple sale emails or HBD emails.
Chris Halsey
This is time tested approach that is ever evolving in most industries. Its also one of the greatest challenges. I agree with Grant that it takes a lot of hard work to get these flawless but they are well worth the investment.

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