Galley List

Rachel Tagliarino

I am new to this. Although, I have been handling Internet Sales for about 5years now I'm just not sure how to approach Galley lists from my Manager. They freak me out! 

Bart Wilson

Rachel, I apologize, but I'm not familiar with a Galley list.  Can you elaborate?

Rachel Tagliarino

It's a list of possible customers in the market. Just basically cold calling people and trying to convince them to come buy. Telling them we have a promotion of like $500 off if they come. 

Mariah Chapek

Rachel, are they previously sold customers? If so, I tend to use a "check in" approach. From there, I generally pivot, whether it's discussing applicable re-designs, warranty or equity in their vehicle, the goal is to get them through the door to see about trading them up. If they are a fresh lead, treat them as such - needs assess and show them that you have a vehicle to fill their need.

Rachel Tagliarino

Some are previous customers, others are people shopping our competitors and ALOT are just handraisers. 

Bart Wilson

Great insight Mariah.  I think taking a conversational approach is important.  Remember, engagement is key, so anything you can do to create a conversation will help.

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