general motors manifest list

Mark Rask

How are you tackling the various general motors manifest list with your bdc department?

Chris K Leslie

Usually work with sales on those manifest lists since most sales folks are still here that sold them cars. 

Chris Travis

One dealership I worked at had sales do those because they handled 7 stores in different location and BDC had enough on their plate. Another store had sales do their previous customers and BDC do the others if they could get to them.

The one I am at now has their BDC do everything. I'd recommend sales first shot on theirs and if unable to contact then BDC.

Mark Rask

Thanks chris 

Chris K Leslie

Sounds like there really isnt a proper way to manage these. You would think they would be easier to upload in a CRM

Mark Rask

We have tried the arm and it was a disaster 

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