Generating a Sense of Urgency

Stan Sher
Use phrases like "we just got 4 truckloads of inventory and are currently overstocked...with that being said we know you are an internet customer and appreciate you because you know a great deal when you see one...this is why we are prepared to offer you a deal that is not available to the general public...this deal will expire in 48 close to right now can you get here?." I build a Nissan dealership in a down economy in 2009-2010 by implementing these powerful words. I hope this works.
Larry Schlagheck
Brendon, customers in the used car market usually know what they're looking for and have narrowed it down to a couple/few models. They probably also know how difficult some models are to find because they've been looking. Around here it's full-size trucks. Dealers can't keep them on the lot. Play into that: "Used F-150s sell within 6 days on average and we only have 3 of them. Don't drag your feet!" Just a suggestion.
Aaron Callister
Brendon, great things to think about, I have a thousand things running in my mind right now, such as "if it sells between now and then, do you want me to give you a call" I personally would not make that call, I have a confirmed appointment with a customer that is low enough in the buying funnel that they are willing to come into the dealership, their coming in, I'll take it from there. Also, I don't believe I would say the same thing to the customer on the phone as I would to the customer online so, now we are looking at two different scenarios. Building value in the vehicle is always a good answer but that will only get you so far, if the vehicle inquired on is fresh, you can always tell the customer that it takes a couple days to get through detail and if they can come in tonight or in the morning they could see it first before it gets detailed, customer like to see a car as it came in, it gives them a better idea of how the vehicle was treated before the dealer cleaned it all up and made it look perfect. Just take it back to the wash bay and give it a little spruce up before they come in, you don't want to make it look obvious that it was cleaned. Conversely, if it has been around for a little while, your Used Car Manager could have it going to auction in the morning which is why it is so aggressively priced buy the way (yes I know by vs buy, I like to spell it buy) If they come in tonight or if they want to schedule a time to come see it in the morning, you can get him to hold it back for a day, that may work as well. I'm sure others have some really great verbiage on how to build this urgency, lets hope they chime in.
Chris Olson
Brendon, this is a great topic, and your ability to generate urgency in your customers will separate you from the run of the mill salesperson. Urgency is one of the main things we talk about in our trainings. While there is no perfect solution, I think we've all used some iteration of the examples above. The main thing is making it your own, and something you're comfortable in saying. Since your post was in regard to used cars there are a couple things to keep in mind. 1. If they are calling you about a specific car it's not because the car was too expensive. Most all sites allow the user to sort the cars. Do you think they sort to see the most expensive at the top of the list? Probably not. 2. Since they're calling I'm going to take some license, and let them know "we've been getting quite a few calls on the car, and I think they were working a deal on it earlier. I'd like to place you on a brief hold to check on it's availability." Before you "check" on it's availability it's good ask a couple questions: What have you found out there so far? What was it about this car that interested you? In addition to this model, are there others you're considering? You can't ask enough questions. LAST THING. NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER disconnect from the customer to go "touch" the car. In order to maximize on your numbers you never want to disconnect a phone call without taking it as far as you possibly can. Good luck on month end.
Brendon Meyer
Thank you all for your fantastic advice. I am already implementing some of these ideas/techniques! Cheers!

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