Getting more leads

Ketty Colom
Well for one, adding live chat is a great way to generate more leads off your website.
Shannon Hammons
We have had live chat for a while and it is a great tool, but what else can be done. We are adding a coupon for a gift card to try and generate more leads. Surely, there is much more than can be done
Ketty Colom
Ask if your chat provider has a feature to add incentives to get people to come into the dealership and test drive. Something like this:
David Farmer
Hello Ketty and Shannon... If your wanting to get more leads off of your website, my company provides a conversion tool that can double or triple the amount of leads you are getting now and the leads are very quality organic website leads. The average cost per lead is far less than other 3rd Party lead providers. Take a couple minutes to watch this video and let me know if you would like to schedule a presentation (I can provide special pricing). or
Shannon Hammons
Like I said earlier we already have a gift card incitive on our site. I'm looking for NEW FRESH ideas
Jared Hamilton
Hey Shannon, Do you guys get into some really agressive split a/b testing with the UX? What kind of process do you have in pace to design and test? Who does that for you? Just curious, because there may be some agressive processes there that could really benefit you. Bottom line, is generating more leads is generally a lot of little things put together. Its the little things, a lot of time right?

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