Getting more leads

Ketty Colom
Well for one, adding live chat is a great way to generate more leads off your website.
Eric Miltsch
Shannon, my short answer to that question has always been - "Get more traffic!" Now, how do you do that? Evaluate ways to get more traffic organic traffic to your site. More traffic always meant more leads for us in our dealership - we drove A TON of organic traffic and got a TON of leads. There are ALWAYS more long tail search terms your can rank for - find those opportunities from within your keyword report in GA. Next, look for ways to improve your forms. Where are they placed, how many of them do you have, are they simple or do you require to many fields? And again, check your GA reports and the goal conversions you have set up for these actions. You have goal tracking set up, right?:) And a 3rd thing you can do is to make sure you have strong call to actions to guide the users to the specific actions you want them to take. Get rid of the clutter and make it simple for users to take action. Add tracking numbers to your pages as well - track what pages visitors are calling from as well. Once these type of things are cleaned up, try Jared's suggestion and check out a simple testing service such as to track your visitors' activity. Good luck!
Chris Olson
Calls to action. A couple I've had success with are: - Drive it Now, which is now being repped by AutoUSA. = Pure Cars - Went from getting just a couple trade in requests with Blackbook to triple and quadruple with PureCars + it's a great closing tool for used cars. - Autobytel has a goofy pop up(Not sure what they call it) when someone leaves your site, but it works. I've never seen a dealer not get a significant increase in organic leads with this tool.
Grant Gooley
Fresh content developed by the staff within the dealership. They know what your customers needs and wants are. This way you will develop engaging, relevant pages that are searched regularly. This will drive more traffic to your site. Like Eric said traffic = leads. MONEYBALL!
Stan Sher
Chat is huge. Also, consider having more "call to actions" where the visitor needs to contact you. One thing that has worked for me in the past is offering a pop coupon. I have noticed in analytics that a popup coupon is one of the most successful lead generators for the dealership. In fact closing ratios on those leads were through the roof too.
saurabh gupta
Nice suggestions. Here is how I bring traffic to my websites. 1. Writing Articles and submitting to hub pages and other articles directories 2. Installing and running wts traffic magnet 2.0. Which gives you direct hits not referred hits like traffic exchange websites. 3. Working with submissions for directories and search engines 4. Working on SEO of your website Also visit: and view the blogs for increasing traffic to your website and also understand how can you really get traffic.

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