GM 3rd Party Lead Performance - does just my dealership suck?

Brandon McNett

I'm looking for any GM dealers out there who wouldn't mind sharing with me their performanc on GM OneSource leads and GM 3rd Party leads.

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How do they compare in performance to your other lead sources?

Do you have the same problem we have, which is inaccurate Vehicle of Interest and/or vehicles we don't even have in stock?

If anyone out there can provide some insight or have any suggestions, I'd definitely take it!

Chris K Leslie

Hey Brandon, we are all GM stores in the group. 

GM third party leads are honestly worse than autobytel leads. They all come from the same seedy pothole of the internet somewhere. Plus I see duplicates between stores all the time. 


Brandon McNett


Thanks for the response!  At least it's a little validation that I'm not crazy!  The concern that I have is that my GM told me that some of the EBE money is going to be tied to BDC Performance on leads - I can only imagine it will be on OneSource and GM 3rd Party leads....which I'm not excited about.

Chris K Leslie

Its tough working with onesource. There is no way to return a bad lead or a lead with no information or bad information. It all still counts in the numbers. Its a real pain. 

Aaron Berg

These leads of a big waste of money. I am thinking about dropping the program but I am not sure what the consequenes with GM are. We get hundreds of "handraisers" a month and all they do is take time away from my team. I will get actually numbers but I think we have less than a 1% close. Most people fill out handraisers at sporting events to get a free tee shirt or giveaway!

Aaron Berg

In the past 30 days, our store has received 129 handraisers and closed 0%. We have a fairly good BDC and are happy with our normal close rate. These leads do nothing but waste time. Anysight into consequnces of cancelling?

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