GM One Source Changes

Ricky Patrick

I know that GM OneSource changed the lead distribution setup last weekend. Have any of you seen the problems with the lead source not being identified when it comes into your CRM?

At first they would all show as "N/A" and now they show "The Cobalt Group: Professional Services". It has really destroyed our source-specific followup schedules. Anyone else seeing this or know of a solution?

Chris K Leslie

I havent seen any changes on our end. 

mark rask

No changes  at our end

Ricky Patrick

Well, I'm glad everyone isn't being affected by it. If anyone stumbles across this and has the same problem, here's the update I received from GM a few hours ago:

Our IT team is working closely with lead source providers and CRMs to resolve. 

I understand there’s a follow up on this Monday morning at 9:30.  We will be sure to provide an update as soon as we can.

mark rask

i will let you is famous for hijacking stuff


Steve Maybee

Hey Ricky,  There was a change in some coding about a week ago.  We noticed it showing N/A and after CDK blaming the CRM and the CRM folks blaming CDK for 2 days, CDK finally determined that it was their issue with One Source sausing the problem and it was corrected.  The issue is with One Source.  You advocate should be able to fix it if it's not already.

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