GM One Source Leads - timing??

Linda Loepker
Here's the background: We received a One Source lead at 2:40 Saturday morning. Our salesman called the lead at 8:30 - they already bought. Interesting. So, I dig a little deeper. Our floor manager called them just to verify that they had actually purchased. Yes, they bought FRIDAY MORNING. What? So, I all One Source, who gets GM 3rd party on the line. 3rd party can't tell me when the lead came to them or where it came from. We are getting a credit for the cost of the lead. I email the customer - just asking when they sent the request in, briefly explaining the issue and that we always respond as quickly as possible. She calls me (very nice of her), and tells me they sent the request in THURSDAY MORNING. Is 3rd party sending us old leads????? That's what it looks like to me. Thoughts?
Shawn Ryder
Linda - how close is your relationship with the company that provided the lead? Was it chosen by yourself or mandated by GM? It sounds to me like it may have been old...or that it may have been sold a couple of times, with the other location getting it first before making it to you on Saturday morning.
Jillian Marchewka
That is absolutely awful Linda! We have a GM (Chevy) store, and I will continue to monitor our leads to see if I find anything similar happening, because it frankly isn't right!
Linda Loepker
Very frustrating.
Shannon Hammons
Looks like you need to find a provider.
Linda Loepker
How do you know that any third party provider isn't selling old leads though?? Besides the money, we look crappy not calling them right away!

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