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Lauren Moses
Ok Guys, Really needing some help here. We are going to be joining SFE in January. It's been a few years since our dealership has participated and since this will be my first year participating I am needing a little help. From my understanding, I will be in charge of the Reputation Management side. I know that there is lots of work that goes into SFE and if we don't meet our sales goals then we lose out on a lot of money. What are some things that I can do to really help us reach those sales goals by pushing stuff on line?
Carl Maeda
It really depends on what your budget is. If you don't have a budget, some things I would consider are: 1. Making sure incentives and offers are on all your digital advertising... it should even be on your ads on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. You should see an increase in clicks and conversion rates if you have competitive sales and incentives. 2. Mail/Email the people in your CRM that have bought cars from you 3+ years ago. Give them specials or tell them you need their cars. When they come in to sell you their car, you can put them in another car on your lot. 3. When people come in for service on a 3+ year car, try to sell them a new car. 4. Send out offers on a "trade in" program. If someone has a lot of equity on their car, offer a trade in and let them upgrade to a newer model for the same monthly payment. You are probably doing several of these but its' best to cover your basics first. I hope that was helpful. I'm sure others have good suggestions as well.
Lauren Moses
Carl, Thanks so much. We are doing a few but I've been pushing pretty hard to get something going with our Service department lately. I know there is a lot of room for improvement there. I'll have to get an email together that I can start sending out to customers.
Carl Maeda
No problem, if you need help or want to brainstorm, feel free to reach out to me.
Chris K Leslie
Lauren, You are going to be asked to choose a reputation management company. I would recommend sticking with cobalt for that. The reporting in the Dealer Portal is solid and flows much better than some of the others we went with when they launched the program. Since we have multiple stores we will typically try everyone out at the same time and then gravitate towards the best fit. Have no fear though, the Rep Man stuff isn't tough at all. You'll be fine. =) Keep your focus on driving Sales to Service retention I am seeing that come up more and more.
Lauren Moses
Thanks Chris. I am not going to lie. I am nervous. Do you have to get so many reviews on different sites? How does the reputation management part of it actually work? We haven't been given any news on it yet besides we start in January. I don't want to go in like I've been living under a rock the whole time. We are in Dire need of making this work and I want to make 2015 the best year we have had. Now that I've been here long enough to really see how things work and what needs to be improved upon I feel like this could really push us to the next level. Just want to make sure that I'm doing everything I can and more to help.

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