GM Third Party Leads

Jody Hudson

HELP! Chevrolet store here with 100 + GM Third Party leads a month coming in, huge amount or rates are deflecting to other GM Dealers and buying, I need to know does anyone have a process that works in minimizing these defections, follow up process, templates, engagement suggestions etc? We seem to be terrible at working these leads, however I see these customers buying from other GM dealers. Any help or thoughts will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. 

Corbyn Denson

I'm late to the party here, but response time is key!

Everybody has the latest and greatest technology, the newest templates, and the most persistent follow up. With our GM stores, it's our goal to have our agents attempt to contact the customer before they ever leave the site. If you can catch them while they're still in transaction mode, your customers will be impressed, and often more willing to break down exactly what they want. A response time of 15 minutes or longer gives your customer enough time to switch gears, or to answer another dealer's call. The early bird gets the worm!

Also, we've found our connection rate on these kinds of leads to drastically go down after the first 3 days. Anything after that should be automated! Don't waste your time watering dead plants, catch them before they sprout, Good luck!

Janie Murphy

I must agree with Corbyn, and the proof IS in the pudding.  We look at many leads daily and the pattern is clear, the ones you get to quickly end up being the solid appointments in your showroom. 
Pace ~ Passion ~ Persistence~

Matt Trudell

I certainly agree with the replies above regarding the importance of Response Time but it's also critical to consider the quality and type of content you're sending in your first follow up messages. Take a hard look at what's going out in your FQR Email - what are you offering the customer to give them a reason to reply and engage with you?

My experience with all Third-Party leads (regardless of OEM) is that even though the leads almost always scream "NEW", and we of course want to sell NEW when we can, the reality is these customers may be considering other options as they browse the sites where Third-Party leads are created. Not everyone can buy that new $110K Escalade but you may have something else on the lot to fit their needs. How are you working to qualify and help them?

Defection is typically tracked over at least 90 days which is a long time for any human to consistently follow up especially when you're working hundreds of leads every month. How much of the heavy lifting of your follow up is being done by automated emails from your CRM and what do those emails offer the customer? How many phone calls are REALLY being completed? You may want to consider a virtual BDC if that's a concern for your store.

Bart Wilson

How long are you following up on your Internet leads? Or better yet, how long do your processes and workflows say you should follow up?

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