GM-BDC Assessment Visit. Who's already had one?

Veronica Frescas
Tomorrow is the big day here at our dealership for the 3rd party vendor who will grade us on our BDC. Has anyone already had theirs done and how did it go?
R Lamb
waste of time. it's not even an assessment, more of a survey that takes up an hour of your time. completely pointless.
mark rask
we have not....we do think that we are ready....veronica please let us know how it goes
Ben Stewart
We have received our assessment but not the grade. The assessor asked many questions and was given proof, but they are not around to offer specific advice as to how your BDC is run. He took a look at our call scripts, process maps, notes, and appointments to make sure they existed. All of this being said, it should be quick and painless because we were ready for it and I expect a high grade for my BDC.
Bill Havican
I haven't received my score yet, but it was easy. I had the scripts, processes, and number to show. He went through the checklist and looked at each one marked it off. They don't really read your scripts or processes, just look to see that it's there. I could have had a recipe for baked chicken listed on there with "Inbound Script" in bold at the top and passed.
Veronica Frescas
Thank you for your responses. I'm working with my staff right now to evaluate that we have all these in place. I'll provide an update on how this goes.

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