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Bruce Petitt
I have asked this one before, but did not find a way out, and since there was another Google topic I am hoping to find a way to go here. If I go to google and search for my dealership, the information that comes up is for my dealership, and it has a wrong telephone number. The number is actually a fax number and I do hear it ring through out the day with no incoming faxes, so I know I am missing some calls. I am guessing that at some point in the past, some employee claimed the google page and while being creative, put the fax number in the wrong place. I have attempted every possible fix I know, however I do not know the who what when or where to who set that page up. No one here knows. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to correct it? We are very relevant in the search just bad information.
Derek Moore
What you can do is sign in to a Google account, goto and search for your business. Your business should show up if it is already verified. If it does, then you can click on it and try to request admin rights. Once you do that, it will send an email to whoever created the verified page and request them to transfer ownership of the page to you. If they do not respond within a week, you can make another request for Google to transfer it for you (I believe they send you an email with the details on this). Once you have ownership/admin rights of the page, you can change anything you want to about the page, including the phone number. Sometimes you can have better luck just getting in contact with Google Places customer service, but this is the basic process they want you to take when trying to get access to a verified account that you no longer have access to.
Joel Trout
Agreed, It is hard to do sometimes, but you have to claim your page and make sure it has the proper information on it. Keep working at it.
mark rask
Derek moore is steering you the right way
Megan Barto
Check to make sure there aren't multiple listings -- you'll have to claim all of them & then merge them!
Bruce Petitt
There is the original list, the one with the bad information. I have done that process, waited ten days with no response and submitted a request again, now 10 days later again with no response. Does anyone have a Customer Service number to call? I have not found anything but bs company's that sell a service that they claim can clean it up. I have set up another account with all correct content, however, the older wrong listing is what still comes up first in a search of the business name.

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