Google PPC.... can someone explain this?

Linda Loepker

One of my keywords is "Equinox specifications".

Google is telling me that to get to the top of the heap, I need to pay over $30/click.

1.  Are there really THAT many people googling "Equinox specifications" that it warrants that much for a click?  My ad has been running for 3 days now I believe - 0 impressions. 

2.  I am 4th in the search with my Equinox ad.  At my $5.00 default bid. 

3.  Am I doing the right thing by boosting my bids to their recommended levels?

I appreciate any feedback very much! 

Chris K Leslie

That makes sense in the fact that google wouldn't know that you meant a chevy equinox really unless you add in a modifier. Maybe you could try 

Chevy Equinox Specifications

2016 equinox specifications 


hope that helps. 

Carl Maeda

Chris's has a great suggestion.

As for your last question about boosting the bids to the recommended levels, the answer is it depends.  For some keywords, it may make sense to do that.  But its' going to come down to the cost per lead and cost per sale you are comfortable with.  As long as you are  profitable, you should bid as high as you need to in order to maximize incoming traffic.

Lastly, the landing page can make a huge difference in cost per lead so make sure your landing page message is consistent with the ad you have up.

Thank you.


Parker Lukjanovs

Are you manually creating and boosting yourself?

Jamil The Carman
Linda Loepker

Thank you all!

@CarlMaeda :  I am  linking straight to the inventory search results, relating to whatever model.  Is that my best option?

@ParkerLukjanovs :  Yes, just me.

@JamilAshkar : thanks for the info! 


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