Google's Inbox App

John Sevier
Google has announced a new app that their customers can download which sorts and classifies the emails you receive. It essentially gives you a quick overview of the email before you click into it. Check it out here if you haven't seen the video yet: My question is how does this effect your email templates? Do you start moving your responses to videos since they show up in the app before you click into the email? I know this won't be a mandatory app that all of your consumers download. However with most people reading their emails on their smartphones does it hurt to realign your approach?
Shawn Ryder
i am awaiting the arrival of the app - signed up for notification of arrival. it may take a while for total adoption of the application so not sure of urgency but it will need to be considered moving forward no question..
John Sevier
Shawn, Thanks for your response. If you are a dealer that hasn't implemented video responses yet or changed up your email templates for mobile viewing, wouldn't this be something you would want to start now and work out the kinks? (I don't mean you specifically Shawn)
Robert Karbaum
I am skeptical that this app will reach mainsteam status. I am waiting it out. There was an identical app 2 years ago that never took off. Will the Google name change that? Who knows. I am more concerned with the changes in the main platforms (Google, Hotmail, etc). Those can affect change today, but the new Google Inbox app likely will never amount to anything. However, it doesn't hurt to test your email strategy monthly, to ensure there are no pitfalls in your plan.
Grant Gooley
This is very interesting. It's about time they begin working on this. The amount of emails people and business's get a day is unbelievable! Any help is good at this point...
mark rask
About time

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