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Josh  Barringer

Hi to all,

I'm a fairly new BDC rep at a Lexus dealership (2 months), and I'm finding what is expected of me seems to be almost ridiculous. I just wanted to reach out to any bdc reps and/or managers that are experienced and know whether or not these are realistic expectations given what I've already accomplished with a short description of the situation.

So, my boss wants me to get 29 cars sold with 58 shows despite working a 9-6 for every workday. We don't have any advertising, no social media engagement, and there's even sales people I can't work the leads off of because some deliberately sabotage the appointments by setting them up themselves. Yet, the purpose and function of the bdc dept. has been discussed by the sales managers in meetings to the sales people.

On top of this, I don't get any service phone ups and they still have yet to setup inbound calls for me to take.

Here's my stats for this past month:

33 showed appointments 

12 sales

176 connected leads


Yet my boss wants the following:

58 showed appointments

29 solds

Is this realistic or is this too much for working only 2 months there?  

Please let me know what you guys think and your best advice. Thanks in advance to everyone that contributes. I greatly appreciate it.

Note: I am the only bdc rep in the entire dept. There's no one else working anything but me .


Lauren Moses

Hi Josh, 

And first off let me say congrats on the new job.  I don't know if this is your firs tjob in the auto industry or not but get ready to hit the floor funning.  The BDC is expeting to make some really good numbers but with the right tools it's definitely achieveable.  But from the stats you gave for your first month you are doing really well so far especially for not taking inbound calls. 

Where all are you getting leads from to contact?  How many leads a day are you getting and are you required to hand any of them over to anyone else?  Also, what are you doing to help set appointments?  Do you use phone scripts, video emails, texting?  All of these help your appointment set and show numbers.  

I think if you were handling the inbound calls you might be pretty close to those numbers depending on how many calls a day your dealership recieves.  I know I didn't exactly answer your question but hopefully it helps a little.  



Michael Bilson

Sounds like there is no buy in from management.  Leads are round robined to salespeople..they also take the phone ups (priobably not logging them into the CRM or tasking a follow up) .  GM realizes he is missing money so hires a phone person to call people after the salespeople have cherry picked the laydowns.  It will not matter how good you are if the structure or culture does not change.  Wish you the best, it certainly is not an easy job and it sounds like your smart, organized and looking to maximize opportunities.  I think you are right person for the same job....somewhere else.

William Phillips

176 contacted I assume means you have 2 way contact?   Based on that, this is the least that should happen.        MANY of our stores achieve higher numbers than what I will tell you next.  176 contacted which should have a 50% minimum set ratio = 88 sets, with 75% show ratio if they are set properly = 66 shows.  Close half of these and its 33 sales.  75% close ratio is more the norm than not, for properly set appointments from an internet lead, and you can do the math on that.   Its also achievable to set 75% with proper managment (desking skill manager) involvement.   Yes your manager is being realistic and its possible.   Your manager and every manager in the store MUST help in this.  They MUST assist in the appointment setting if the client needs to basicly desk the deal in verbal or email format.  Automated emailing systems, and throwing unneeded information at the consumer wont help, it only hinders. Service calls should NOT be a part of what you do, if they (your management) wants maximum results.   Get in contact, ask for the appointment and get help in closing the appointment if you need help.  Its just that simple and you can do it.   Good luck, its all in what you believe you can do, your clients for this product are already sold on the car.  

Justin Fiddie

It sounds like your dealer doesn't have you set up for success. That lead count is super low for any dealership. If you're getting 175 leads consistenly per month, that's a 16.57% conversion ratio, and the average dealer closes less than 10% per month. If you're getting 29 sales per month off of those numbers, you better be having a serious conversation about your pay plan and heading the department.

I always think it's a little bit crazy to expect a certain number of shows, rather than a percentage. For my team, I guage them off appointments set percentage and then their show percentage. I don't expect 100 shown appointments per month from any of them, but strive to hit the 60% show mark. The best way to increase shown appointments is to set more.

Try not to get caught up in the salesfloor drama. I have yet to work in a dealership that the floor actually agreed with the BDC. Keep drumming along and continue to work for your money. As much as the floor would like to complain about the internet department, they're going to sell them when they're in front of them because they've got to make money as well.

Vivian Holmes

Hey Josh-

There has been a lot of good advice laid out in the previous posts, so i wont go back over things that have already been said, but another way to help increase your numbers is to look outside of your dealership.


That can range from pumping up the dealership social media account, review listings or even emailing brochures and videos to your potential customers, before they even set foot in the showroom. Connect with customers in a personal, meaningful way and you will see your show rate skyrocket.


If you want a good way to tie all your BDC tools together check out Forgive me for plugging my brand here, but it has proven itself to be a massive game changer for dealerships in just your sort of situation.


Hope this helps!

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