Hand Crafted small batch responses

Jeff Bollinger

It's being suggested instead of having email templates with autofil (name, vehicle, dealership etc) and room for personalization (answering questions, east/west appointments etc) that each and every response be typed out fresh.

Anyone see a benefit to this? the vast majority of our inquires are the generic form fills- is it available- this looks interesting, and the like.

Martins Ville

I think you can create a generic template that auto fills their name, vehicle information and dealership data that might be in the system. But I've almost handcrafted almost every first email to folks in the past. I think with the right person under the right circumstances, be spoke emails aren't that unusual and probably should be the norm 

Remember a good email is short and succinct. When you think of writing an email I think that you're writing a text message.

Jeff Bollinger

Agree 100%,  our current templates autofill all the relevant info, we're up roughly 24.3% delivered year over year, but why not destroy something that's not broken seems to be the thought process :)

Marc Lavoie

Templates are catching a bad reputation because they've been overused with bad copy.

If done right, you should have a set of email templates lined up ready to go, with no or very minor tweaking.

This ensures :

1) No or few typos

2) High conversion

3) Speed

4) Easier onboarding for new employees


When something works, you should always be tweaking and replicating instead of starting over all the time.

Morgan Hardy

We still auto-fill the customer name and vehicle but during the first 3 weeks, the templates are sent manually so that we can edit them according to the lead. 

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