Have You Used DealersUnited Conquest Email Campaigns?

Jeff Collins
We have done 2 campaigns. We did see a spike in web traffic. But as I dove deeper I uncovered some very unsettling data. If you have used this product please leave your feedback. I would appreciate it very much.
Chad Sabatka
Chad Sabatka
I have had several people reach out to me since I posted that with very similar concerns. In fact I had one today, plus now this post. I spoke directly with the CEO after our campaign and he provided a full refund. He recently reached out saying they recently switched list providers and wanted us to do a trial for him and let him know the results which I still need to complete. I'll keep all posted.
Jeff Collins
YES!!! Chad we need to talk. Please call me at my Corporate office. 405-778-6305
Pete Petersen
DU has a very strict vetting process -- as far as we know, the strictest in the business. We are 100% focused on the dealer and the results for their dealership(s). Our partnership for conquest email marketing came from requests by our dealer-members. Our dealer-members were asking for more traffic to their website, more showroom visits, and help attracting local in-market car shoppers. We vetted and physically visited numerous data providers and conquest email marketing companies. After we narrowed down the list, we had our co-founder, a Ford dealer, and other dealers try the product/service. We have a group of dealerships that are part of our beta testers, where they receive early access to products Dealers United is vetting for feedback purposes. Dealer-members can opt into this program by speaking to their dedicated Dealer Advocate. We then selected our recommended partner and notified our dealer-members of this new product/service (the product is sourced from Take 5 Solutions). We offered a single deployment, cancel anytime model where we didn’t lock dealers into long term contracts. Each deployment came with deployment statistics (open, clicks), full Google Analytics tracking and a matchback process whereby the dealers sales report (Name and Address) were matched to the deployment list. We have also worked with Take 5 Solutions to provide their deployment list in advance (including name and address in CSV format) so the dealership could 1.) match in real-time against showroom visits/sales 2.) send to a 3rd party matchback company such as Authenticom who can perform an independent matchback of the dealership data and deployment list 3.) request a POLK verified matchback. For an additional fee, the dealer-member could also purchase the full data file which includes full responder data (who clicked, who opened, who has been marked as Auto Intender / in-market car shopper) which is generally used for multi-touch, multi-channel marketing where direct mail is used to follow up to email campaigns. Dealers United has worked with a dealership group to run a control group to test our vendor-partners conquest program whereby the measurement wasn’t Google Analytics, rather showroom visits. Each store that was in the conquest control group scored better results (more showroom visits during the timeframe of the campaign) than their counterparts based on the group's feedback and reorders. We have dealerships who swear by the success of the program. Most dealerships have opted to reorder based on their stores results. Again, any dealership who has not been happy with the product was not locked into any contracts and could opt-out and never to do the program again. Unlike other conquest companies, Take 5 Solutions sold by Dealers United, never required access to the dealership's DMS or CRM system. The dealership could opt to suppress their customer list but Dealers United recommended in most cases, to treat conquest email as a form of advertising. Current dealership customers can not be suppressed from most forms of advertising mediums such as PPC, TV, DOOH, and radio. Once the dealership was comfortable and happy (as seen by steady reorders), they could opt to suppress their database file (again, completely up to the dealer depending on their strategy). Since the beginning of Dealers United, we have done what is right for dealers. With this product, in the rare case that a dealer-member was unhappy with the initial send, we offered a full money back refund. In each case, Dealers United submitted reports to our provider as to why the dealership cancelled so they could improve their product (as we do with our other vetted/selected vendor-partner). Our Dealer Advocates speak to our conquest customers on a monthly, or more frequent basis. As with any month-to-month, cancel anytime offering, if a dealership continues to order then we feel the product is working as expected by the dealer-member. Dealers United has fought hard on behalf of dealers to eliminate contracts and to let dealers try products/services they feel can benefit their dealership without being called by hundreds of vendors. Dealers United has made this easy by providing month-to-month, cancel anytime agreements,. We understand that every dealership is different, has different objectives, and evaluates products and services that are right for their dealership. Dealers United allows our dealer-members to explore new products and services that may be a great fit for their dealership. When the vendor, product, and or service is not right, we allow the dealership to cancel without any issues. We feel that our relationship with our dealer-members is very strong and based on trust. We are owned by dealers and industry leaders who have been in this industry for over 20 years. We stand behind our brand promise that we will do everything in our power to remove snake oil vendors from the auto industry and we take our jobs for our dealer-members very serious. I encourage any dealership to reach out to me personally to discuss any issues, questions, concerns, or recommendations on conquet email marketing or anything else Dealers United can do to better serve our dealer-member community. Sincerely, Pete Petersen CEO | Dealers United pete@dealersunited.com | 941-366-6760 x343 https://www.linkedin.com/in/petepetersen
Chad Sabatka
Pete, that long bs explanation is fine and dandy written out, but you've become one of those snake oil vendors. You need a better vetting process. Within 5 minutes of the email conquest you did for Anderson Mazda I discovered it was a scam. Not only have I continued to help dealers against your product, you have Brian Pasch with PCG calling your bs. Please stop offering and scamming dealers out of thousands of dollars, or I will continue to call you out in every manner possible. I imagine a class action lawsuit probably is next if you continue offering this product. Part 1 (CloudOne) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltrNQvpDHBM Part 2 (Take 5 Solution aka Dealers United) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4RqT6jqRJwY

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