HELP! A new Internet Sales Manager looking for some direction!

Adam Orr
Hi there, My name is Adam Orr and I'm new to this site, and new to the industry. I'm 27 years old with over 5 years experience as an IT consultant. I decided that I wanted to get into sales/marketing so I landed a job as an Internet Sales Manager for an auto group with over 200 vehicles with NO EXPERIENCE in this industry. I'm in a bit of a unique situation because I'm my own department, but I'm alone in it. I take care of all the dealership's online presence, leads, and I do their IT. Basically I'm looking for ANY advice on EVERYTHING. Please flood this forum with everything you think can help me! I will absorb EVERYTHING. I feel like I need some processes to make sure I'm doing everything properly. If anyone would be willing, it would be AMAZING if you could give me a list of a ton of email templates from the time I get the lead, all the way to 90 days later. I just need something to get me started on the right track, and I can work on customizing and refining once I'm a little more experienced in everything else. Seriously guys (and girls) ANYTHING will help me at this point. Please help build me into a selling machine! Thanks so much! -Adam
Michael Bilson
Questions. What CRM tool do you have? Who does your website/inventory? What was the process prior to your arrival and how are you expected to make it better? When you say you take care of the you mean you handle the request cradle to grave?
Tony Wood
Hello Adam, A couple questions: Do you have your own budget that you manage? What control do you have over lead sources? What are your lead sources? How many do you have? When you refer to the dealership's online presence, is this just referencing the web page? Do you have admin privileges for the web page? Are you in control of their FB, Twitter, FourSquare, etc. and responsible for rep management as well? Do you sell only pre-owned vehicles or do you sell new as well? If you sell new, what manufacturers? Is the dealer more concerned about your IT performance or your sales performance? All of these things and more could potentially play a role in the advice you receive. Any information to help us guide you down the right path is going to do nothing but benefit you! :)
Adam Orr
We are currently using AVV (I think Dominion made it). We get it for free through Mitsubishi. Our website is through a company called Motorwebs which you can see at I don't think there was much of a process before I got here. They had an Internet Sales Manager that I didn't have a chance to talk to, but from what I've heard from the sales guys is that he would get a lead and work it into an appointment then give it to the sales guys. He didn't seem to have any automated emails or process of any kind. Also, it seems that he would only contact a new lead a couple times before giving up on them. I'm expected to make it better by creating all new processes and basically building a new department from scratch! I do have the sales guys at my disposal for whatever I want to use them for. I'm not sure how I want to handle leads yet. I do HAVE to give them over to sales guys at some point, even if it's not until the customer is here on the showroom floor. This job is the start of my career and I know that I don't want to form any bad habits early on. Thank you SO much for your help!
Adam Orr
Thanks for the reply Tony! I don't have my own budget. This dealership was purchased a few months ago and I just started working here 1 month ago, so they're still trying to figure everything out. I have control over all our lead sources which include Autotrader, KSL (it's like Craigslist but better in Utah),, Truecar, and a few other extremely small, free sources that I've never heard of. Most of our leads come from KSL and Autotrader. We get some leads from Truecar but they're usually not very serious buyers, or so it would seem. I am in charge of everything to do with online including the Cougar website, all lead sources etc. I have the ability to manage the vehicle comments, pictures, EVERYTHING. They hired me because of my drive and ability to learn quickly, and out-of-the-box thinking. I have admin rights to all websites and sources etc. I have their Facebook, but can't seem to figure out how to get into their Twitter which nobody has the login to. I basically have access to whatever I want. They are trusting me to create and refine their whole internet department. We have two lots that are within 1 mile of each other with over 200 vehicles combined. The store I work out of sells new Mitsubishis and used vehicles, and the other location just sells used vehicles. The other location sells twice as many vehicles with the same amount of used inventory, but they have been there with the same name for many years. Our lot here is struggling in comparison. (I am over both lots). They like that I have a background in IT because I'm able to pick technology up pretty quickly and make it work for them, but sales is the #1 thing. I really need to get something thrown together ASAP so I can easily take care of leads that are coming in while improving and refining what we have. I'm only getting 2-4 leads a day so it's not too hard. lol Thank you so much!
Tony Wood
I'm not familiar with your CRM, do you have texting or video options?

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